In the history of the universe there is a last time for everything. From the last meal you eat to the last time you put down a toothbrush to the last few air molecules leaving your lungs. AFTER investigates the events that constitute a life and traverses the possible realities at the precise moment of death. What happens to the individual atoms that make up you? What happens to your energy? Your consciousness? Schneider’s (YOUARENOWHERE) trademark hyper-precise design and staging bring extreme intimacy to these philosophical musings using state-of-the-art sound spatialization and sensory overload and deprivation.

AFTER had its World Premiere at EMPAC on Thursday, August 31st and September 1st, 2017 and is now working towards a planned New York City premiere in January 2018.

This is the first time that EMPAC’s Wave Field Synthesis speaker array has been applied in the theatrical context, allowing sound designer Bobby McElver to precisely place and move sounds through the performance space.

Created by: Andrew Schneider

In collaboration with: Alessandra Calabi, Kedian Keohan, Bobby McElver, Peter Musante, Alicia ayo Ohs

Performed by: Alicia ayo Ohs, Andrew Schneider

with Kedian Keohan, Peter Musante

and Kate Athol, Lindsay Head, Sabrina Jacobs, Ashley Marie Ortiz, Jamie Roach

Sound Design: Bobby McElver, Andrew Schneider

Text, Lighting, Projection: Andrew Schneider

Stage and Company Manager: Alessandra Calabi

Production Assistant: Kedian Keohan

Produced by: Sandra Garner, Lingua Franca Arts

AFTER is a co-commission of EMPAC and Performance Space 122 with support from the Jerome Foundation. AFTER has been developed in residence at EMPAC over the past year as well as during a residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY and as part of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space program.