Life Does Not Live features a poet named GAZR (pronounced “gazer”) recording a mixtape in his bedroom while navigating issues embedded in race and technology. Life Does Not Live was featured in the Under the Radar Festival 2017’s Incoming Series in January 2017.

The piece was most recently presented as part of the Clarice Performing Arts Center’s NextNOW festival  at the University of Maryland in September 2017 and is seeking touring dates for the 2018/19 season and beyond.

James Allister Sprang is a multidisciplinary artist and graduate of Cooper Union. Currently based in Philadelphia, Sprang has performed in venues such as the Apollo Theater, The Brooklyn Museum, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, The Miami Art Museum and Abrons Arts Center. The first words set to music that he remembers spazzing out over is: “I keep one eye open like CBS. Can I live?”

Producer: Sandra Garner/Lingua Franca Arts