Radio Delirio

A piano recital featuring only the page turner. A radio program hot on the trail of a whistleblower hiding in plain view of the audience. Radio Delirio imagines the reverse side of a concert taken over by the man no one was meant to notice. While dutifully minding the score, the page-turner weaves his own show over the music: a news exposé, cum manhunt – cum chronicle of a precarious sense of self. The language of investigative news is employed – warped and digressed from – counterpointed by a layered physical score, to reveal a tragicomic look at assimilation, derailment, and fear of inconsequence.

Alessandro Magania‘s Radio Delirio has been developed in part through a Performing Arts Residency at YADDO. Work-in-progress excerpts of the piece were shown at the September 2016 edition of Little Theatre @ Dixon Place and at CUNY’s Prelude Festival in October 2016. Radio Delirio is working towards a planned June 2018 premiere as part of The Performing Garage Presents series.

written by: Alessandro Magania
choreography: Alessandro Magania
performed by: Steve Cuiffo, Kim Macron, Alessandro Magania
sound and set design: Simo Peretti
dramaturgy: Shae D’lyn
producer: Sandra Garner